Company History

Fonderie Officine Meccaniche S.Agostino S.p.a was founded in 1956 by Ing. Enrico Balzarini, who, during the period of economic boom, understood that steel industry would be one of the leading part of it.

After a few years, the production initially located in Castellanza was transferred to Legnano in the industrial area of ​​the Saronnese main road; this was due to the need of more complex plants and a greater production capacity.

To move with the times, the plants were replaced with new and updated ones; the old manual loading cubicle furnace was initially replaced with a self-loading cubilot of much greater capacity and the lathes replaced with others.

Nel 1973 il forno a cubilotto fu soppiantato da forni ad induzione ad alta capacità produttiva, completamente gestiti da PLC (programmable logic controller), quindi con minimo impatto di impegno manuale e conseguente riduzione dell’errore umano.

In 1973 the cubilot furnace was taken over by induction furnaces with high production capacity, completely managed by PLC (programmable logic controller), therefore with minimum impact of handling and consequential reduction of human error.

L’attuale presenza di tre forni fusori a induzione a bassa frequenza, di cui due da 16 T cad. e uno da 6 T consente  in condizioni normali una produzione di circa 8000 T/anno di prodotto grezzo.

In the early 80s the chemical-metallographic laboratory was improved, now capable of offering more complex cast iron qualities expected by the latest “state of the art” laminating plants.

The current presence of three low frequency induction melting furnaces, two of which of 16 Tons each. and one of 6 Tons allows, in normal conditions, a production of about 8000 T / year of raw product.

The aging process of cast iron has been replaced by appropriate heat treatments; for this purpose S. Agostino has two methane wagon furnaces in which, in addition to the classic stressrelieving treatments, standardization treatments are carried out on rolls in high chromium and / or in hyperectic cast iron (steel base) with subsequent querching treatments in forced air to give the cylinder the maximum characteristics of surface hardness and wear resistance. These systems are completely automatic and software controlled.

In 2002 the "Officina e fonderia Cesare Calvi " was acquired, Company in Legnano, specialized in the production of cast iron cylinders for calanders and mixers for the rubber-plastic industry, brick-kiln machines and pistons. This resulted in a considerable expansion of the production range, allowing to expand the production in different sectors too, apart from the purely steel industry. In 2010 another upgrade, both in terms of quality and environment, was made thanks to the introduction of the spheroidisation cage. The ladles are placed inside under an appropriate cover and the animated wire Fe-Si-Mg is immersed, with PLC control. This process takes place without dispersion of fumes and dust into the environment, as the cabin is completely closed and equipped with a powerful aspiration system.

The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification obtained in 1994 and the many years of acquired experience, guarantee the total constant quality of our product.

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